Iezdehar Al-Basra Company | Oilfield services
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Oilfield services

Our main goal is to complete our customers’ projects with safety, on schedule and on budget. We predominantly concentrate on supplying the Iraqi oil sector with the necessary expertise and new technologies regarding protection and saving time, through our employees and engineers who are greatly qualified and experienced in oil fields locally and regionally for many years. Our oilfield services contain:

Rig moving:

When it’s time to move your rig, we have the equipment and the manpower to do this job proficiently and without harm. Starting from primary planning to loading, we can move any size of rigs anywhere in Iraq; we have all the resources to handle any-rig-moving services such as:

  • Visiting rig sites and checking load lists with rig managers.
  • Managing rig move projects; ensuring that they are undertaken in the correct sequence.
  • Providing appropriately skilled team in order to help in carrying out the transportation plan.
  • Compiling and reporting on the whole rig moving procedure as a way of enhancing and improving the future services.

Site preparation:

Once the site has been selected, our experts study the area in order to set its borders and carry out studies about the ecological effect if needed. Previously to the beginning of well drilling, and as drill sites are most of the time located some distance from public highways, we construct an access road between the public highway and the site of the well. No doubt that one of the most critical factors in any project is site preparation, it requires precision, technology, skilled technicians and an unwavering commitment to attention to detail.

Our ability to provide total site preparation services maximizes critical timing components and decreases the down time and scheduling conflicts encountered when waiting on outside crews for various project stages.

Civil works:

We take on, in our company, the implementation of civil construction works right from the main stage to the finishing one. Our work varies between foundations, substructures and super structures. These works include but not limited to the following:

  • Foundation Works.
  • Electrical transmission and distribution cables.
  • Pipelines (gas and water).
  • Concrete structure production.
  • Buildings or facilities.
  • Soil Works.

Pre-fabricated houses:

We have a range of plans for pre-fabricated houses in line with the requests and favors of our clients, executed by an expert engineering workforce, moved after that to a group of specialists and through up-to-date technical machines in order to prepare multiple specially- made pre-fabricated buildings. These buildings are characterized by stability, superiority and style in their interior design. What’s more, our team stay even with the developments in respect of this kind of industry around the world with a view to assist with setting our products in accordance to worldwide brand-new technology of designs in relation to industrialization of pre-fabricated houses.

Equipment Rental & Conservation:

We provide a variety of light and heavy equipment for rental by other companies on a daily or weekly or monthly basis. As well, our qualified specialists are prepared to support our clienteles in reparation and renovation of most kinds of equipment. That is because we believe that conservation is one of the tools to improve our production deprived of negotiating the safety of the procedure.

Water well drilling:

Since its beginning, We have provided design, installation, monitoring, treatment, and maintenance services for ground water systems and geothermal wells of all sizes and purposes.

  • Designing and composition: we apply the principles of our country and utilize plumbing and materials to meet planned provisions on the composition of new sets.
  • Conservation: as we can design, compose and service wells, pumps and systems of water treatment on one hand, we are, on the other hand, the one-stop resource for all your requirements of renovation and conservation. That is because we have the needed equipment to repair pumps and locate the leaks and repair them for the purpose of helping you in diagnosing the problems and carrying out onsite conservations.
  • Observing, processes and management: our expert workforces get through concentrated exercise and are checked and approved by the country for observation and operational of water sets.