Iezdehar Al-Basra Company | About US
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About US

Intro about Iezdehar Al-Basra

Iezdehar Al-Basra Company was founded since 1993 in the south of our country, Iraq. With the challenging reality of the nonstop increasing request and the gradually more restricted natural resources, we, Iezdehar Al-Basra Company, put three keys to meet this challenge in a maintainable way. These keys are energy proficiency, smart energy usage and energy reserves. In addition, having the practical capability, prior knowledge and experience and self-performance skill help us in developing resolutions that are equal to the customers’ purposes and projects.

we maintain humble relationships with our clients, partners, dealers, employees and publics.

The main principles

At Iezdehar Company, we have core values and principles that guide the methods we use in the projects dedicated to us. Every employee in our company is conformist to the following standards, which are vital and important to our constant success and development:

we give a big attention to innovative thinking; we acknowledge the weaknesses we have and encourage the employment of creative ideas and thoughts in order to come across the challenges we confront in our industry.


we believe that being honest and impartial, dealing with people fairly and performing business in a professional method is the only way to be number one in the region.


Our work is characterized by faithfulness and worthiness, so you can depend on us. Providing a pleasurable, professional experience while producing our services is one of the core values that we concentrate on.

Our mission

To be the inspiration to others around us with real extraordinary service while giving our clients a safer, positive work site and work environment.

Our vision

We endeavor regularly to make our services the favored choice for clients in Iraq and the region, and to be known for our quality and flexibility in meeting their requirements.

Codes Commitment

we are devoted to carry out the projects in respect of the local, regional and international laws and codes of practice.

Leadership Team

Our Company has extensive experience in the oilfield services industry in Iraq  and internationally, and represents the full range of skill sets like :
  • R&D and technology
  • Operations
  • Engineering and equipment
  • Finance
  • Human resources.

Our teamwork

Usually teamwork and professional development go hand in hand. All employees in our company are aware that any task or job can`t be done almost perfectly without fully cooperating and working together. We basically focus on working in a smart way to decrease the cycle-time of procedures, working in teams, learning from the best practices from others as well as from our mistakes to avoid them in the future.

Social responsibility

We, at Iezdehar Al-Basra Company, are fully committed to social responsibility which is a strategic advantage, as it enables us both to reach and effectually achieve new business opportunities. Our vision of this strategy is revolved upon a body of policies, which lead our relations with stakeholders, workforces, partners, administrations and the societies affected by our processes:

  • To create a secure and safe working environment without causing any harm to people where we reduce our impact on the environment.
  • To conduct our business in a straightforward and ethical method.
  • To provide real and maintainable profits that take part in the social and economic prosperity of citizens in our country.
  • To advocate the improvement of commercial transparency and useful control techniques.


To be in this field is not an easy issue for many reasons, such as; governmental  policies, many competitors, environment issues and risks. Since we have the passion, creative thinking and a strong well, we will continue serving and working and make accomplishments.